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An Analytical Essay on Poem Reflection – Wasted

An Analytical Essay on Poem Reflection – Wasted
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Analytical Essay on the Poem Wasted

Heidi Tse, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

AbstractWritten by an unknown online writer, Wasted is a reflective poem by a victim of child sexual abuse. ‘Wasted’ is the title and the abstract idea permeating this emotive piece, referring to an undesired result of an action and being weak or emaciated of the body of a person (Wasted, n.d.). Interwoven into the tragic storyline and scenes lie several important messages. To reveal the embedded themes, the reader has to first understand the inner thoughts and emotions of the protagonists – the victim and the offender.


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Heidi is a final year student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in English Studies for the Professions. She is a great fan of culture and the arts, especially an array of performing arts. She is also an imaginative person who likes to put herself in the shoes of different protagonists.


This analytical piece was an assignment for the subject Literature in English: An Introduction. While there are lots of famous poems about feelings and relationships, I find this poem intriguing as it boldly uses first-person narrative to introduce a highly sensitive topic – child abuse.

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