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Editor’s Introduction

Issue 2 of Inscribe highlights the talents of ten compelling young writers. These works showcase the writers’ curiosity and imagination, energy and creativity, as well as their critical and personal perspectives.

Editor’s Introduction
posted on: Oct 6, 2016 | author: Inscribe Editor

Ugly Shoes Must Die

Norah Trevan likes good shoes. She likes designer shoes, she likes locally cobbled shoes; hell —she just likes some good shoes. What she doesn’t like, however, is a bunch of random nobodies swooping in and taking away her one chance at an elite internship that could’ve allowed her to create her very own beloved shoes. No wonder she’s always stomping around so angrily!

Ugly Shoes Must Die
posted on: Oct 3, 2016 | author: Inscribe Editor

A Memoir

Some people will come, and some will go. But their words will remain. It’s quite the mystery, why some people in this world have the opportunity to help us create our own little stories. I like to imagine that each of us is like a blank piece of paper when we are born, and that every person we meet scribbles a few words on our pages, so that together we eventually create a full story.

A Memoir
posted on: Sep 30, 2016 | author: Inscribe Editor

The reflection of identities between ...

This article serves as a biographical essay of the author’s paternal grandfather and this ancestor’s life as a former general of the Chinese national youth league. Observing the pull of Hong Kong during the height of the Cultural Revolution of the 1950’s, the author continues this biographical exploration through her paternal grandfather’s immigration to Hong Kong, reflecting upon the issue of identity as reflected through Hong Kong culture, Chinese immigrant status, and the self.

The reflection of identities between my grandfather and me in different centuries
posted on: Nov 17, 2015 | author: Inscribe Editor

The Cinema of Hong Kong: History, Art...

The cinema of Hong Kong is a major thread of Chinese cinema along with that from Taiwan and Mainland China. In ‘The Cinema of Hong Kong: History, Arts, Identity’, the Hong Kong cinema industry is examined…

The Cinema of Hong Kong: History, Arts and Identity Hong Kong Cinema and Its Interaction with Global Culture
posted on: Nov 4, 2013 | author: Inscribe Editor

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