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It Ends with a Beginning

‘Colin! Colin! Look at me! Don’t fall asleep!’ Is there someone talking to me? It sounds so familiar. Grandpa? Is that you? Am I in heaven now?

It Ends with a Beginning
posted on: Sep 25, 2016 | author: Inscribe Editor

The reflection of identities between ...

This article serves as a biographical essay of the author’s paternal grandfather and this ancestor’s life as a former general of the Chinese national youth league. Observing the pull of Hong Kong during the height of the Cultural Revolution of the 1950’s, the author continues this biographical exploration through her paternal grandfather’s immigration to Hong Kong, reflecting upon the issue of identity as reflected through Hong Kong culture, Chinese immigrant status, and the self.

The reflection of identities between my grandfather and me in different centuries
posted on: Nov 17, 2015 | author: Inscribe Editor