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A Comparison of the Paintings of Bada...

This essay compares the paintings of two great Chinese artists, Bada Shanren and Shitao. Several pieces of artwork are analyzed as the author posits the context of the paintings. He discusses the distinct life experiences and attitudes of the two artists, which are reflected in their contrasting artistic styles.

A Comparison of the Paintings of Bada Shanren and Shitao of the Qing Dynasty
posted on: Oct 2, 2016 | author: Inscribe Editor

Partial Assimilation: Mainland Chines...

This essay investigates the assimilation issue of new migrants born in mainland China who moved to Singapore after 1990. Through first-hand oral history interviews and a guiding theoretical model, the paper argues that despite a similar ethnic background to the majority of Singaporean residents, the new migrants are not yet fully assimilated into Singapore society.

Partial Assimilation: Mainland Chinese New Migrants in Singapore
posted on: Oct 2, 2016 | author: Inscribe Editor

Comments on Wu Yu’s Critique of...

This essay focuses on refining the understanding of Confucian filial piety. It aims to clarify some misinterpretations of filial piety by critically analyzing and evaluating Wu Yu’s Shuo Xiao (說孝), which attacked Confucianism in the 20th century. Five themes related to filial piety, including restriction of freedom / authoritarianism, the three-year funeral ritual, the supporting obligation toward parents, the succession of offspring or incense, and conflict with loyalty, are discussed and exemplified in this essay.

Comments on Wu Yu’s Critique of the Confucian Teaching of Filial Piety and Conflicts within Filial Piety
posted on: Oct 2, 2016 | author: Inscribe Editor

The reflection of identities between ...

This article serves as a biographical essay of the author’s paternal grandfather and this ancestor’s life as a former general of the Chinese national youth league. Observing the pull of Hong Kong during the height of the Cultural Revolution of the 1950’s, the author continues this biographical exploration through her paternal grandfather’s immigration to Hong Kong, reflecting upon the issue of identity as reflected through Hong Kong culture, Chinese immigrant status, and the self.

The reflection of identities between my grandfather and me in different centuries
posted on: Nov 17, 2015 | author: Inscribe Editor